90 Day Mental Fitness Challange

Nicole and I were recently challenged by our mentor to start a LIFE product called the 90-Day Mental Fitness Challenge. We were amazed at the quality of information put together by Life founders, Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward. Nicole and I have been in leadership for quite sometime now and have taken many tests for leadership positions at work and church and we have never seen anything as well designed as the MFC. It helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and then in a systematic formula it helps you get progress in all areas of your life.

What is the 90 Day Mental Fitness Challenge?

Have you heard of P90X? It is the DVD fitness program to get your body in shape.  Well, the 90 day Mental Fitness Challenge is a boot camp for your brain. New thinking leads to new habits to create new results.

You grow through Listening, Reading, Watching, and Associating. It was designed by systems engineers who have moved up the ranks of leadership and are now listed on the top leadership guru list with people like John Maxwell and Stephen Covey.

Here is how it works

You watch some introductory videos to the mental fitness challenge.


Enroll into the Prechallenge and take the Test

The test scores you in 13 areas of your life and gives you feedback through the circle of Life Diagram on your top three strengths and three areas you are weak.

Signup for the Mental Fitness Challenge


1. Take the 90 day Challenge to create a habit of learning.

2. Get connected to someone in the Life Community to help you stay accountable.

3. Join a challenge group where you will associate with others.

4. Come experience a community of positive change and growth.

This challenge is fast, fun, and easy!


For those of you that have experienced the Mental Fitness Challenge and your starting to live the life you have always wanted, please leave a comment and share your experience!! We overcome by the word of our testimony. So share for others to know that new information is powerful and they can change too!!

Thanks and God Bless,

Kirk and Nicole