Free Enterprise

The American Dream is not so much material things but the ability to think on our own, dream more, own more, and be all that we set out to accomplish! This identity of an American is deep rooted from our founding fathers and mothers. Kirk and I have been on a journey for some time now to rediscover what it means to be an American. We want others to understand free enterprise and the feeling one can have by becoming free again in one’s mind, work, and being.

What if you could not fail? What would you then set out to accomplish?

Why not become all that God created you to be? What would your life look like then?

Why now? What if today you were needed now more than ever to succeed and accomplish something great?

Business ownership is one of the very definitions of being an American. I highly recommend you start to understand the importance of entrepreneurship. Today more than ever we should be out of debt, free to own our time through business leverage, and out of bondage to the worlds picture of success.

The whole reason for business is because it fulfills a need. Here are some great examples:

A security company fulfills the need for people to have alarm systems where they feel secure. Do they make money from the individual’s household income? YES. It fills the need of the homeowner.

A printing company fulfills the need for people to have items printed as a service. Do they make money from the individuals income? YES. It fills the need of the individual.

A cable company fulfills the need for people to have media entertainment in their home. Do they make money from the individuals income? YES. It fills the need of the individual.

You get my point.

I believe you should own your own business. In today’s changing economy, it is wise to be on the receiving end of today’s businesses that fulfill the worlds needs. It is how the world works. If you do not position yourself on the receiving end where your own hard earned money will end up anyways, you will miss out on the amazing leverage you can create to own your own time, live out dreams, and most importantly be a free individual who is out of debt and on the receiving side!

There are many forms of business available. Here are three types: Traditional self-employed business that deals with a specific trade or service, franchise ownership where you buy an existing system, or a direct distribution system where you become apart of an existing business system.

The specific form of business I will discuss and highly recommend is a direct distribution system. This type of business has changed our lives dramatically. A home based business model is how a direct distribution system is ran. There are so many advantages to talk about that I will only list a few.

1) You run your business from home, where you have a huge tax advantage with write offs.

2) Your commitment of time and hard work in the short term results in significant long-term passive income.

3) Allows you to be on a profitable path of personal development.

4) Connects you with a circle of friends who share your dreams and values.

5) It has the best strategy to build a strong, viable, growing network.

6) Teaches incomparable life and leadership skills.

7) It is a mechanism of genuine wealth creation.

Kirk and I have been learning from two of the top leadership experts, Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, for over 6 years. They have become renowned leaders in this industry and have studied many models of this industry over the past two decades. Based on their study over the past two decades of people, leadership, success principles, and the rise of the information age; they have recently launched an entirely new industry within this field of business systems. We are a new emerging industry called a “compensated community.”

A compensated community is unlike Facebook which is an uncompensated community. Even though Facebook is a billion dollar giant that was built by us, the information consumer;  Orrin, Chris, and the other founders set out to do something that has never been done in the history of home based businesses. They have created a model where there is NO owner of the company. The members of the community own the company. Therefore, all profits are split by the members based on an individuals performance. So there you have it, free enterprise at its greatest!!

  The LIFE Community has entered the world and will change the way business is done. Remember earlier when I told you that businesses fulfill a need. Well, in this case we have stood up to the challenge. What greater need is there today than the need to produce better people, a product of changed lives. Yes! You heard me correctly. I said, “our product is a better YOU!”

The LIFE Community allows you as a member to be apart of the change the world needs! We produce information where someone develops their self through CD’s, books, and seminars. We help people create the right success habits in their life. If you have been introduced to LIFE, please contact the person who invited you to see the difference. If you have not heard of LIFE, then just click on the word LIFE so you can get more information. We would gladly send you a link so you can watch a webcast so you can meet the leaders. It is vital to society and especially in America that we raise up entrepreneurs. The LIFE products are designed to train an individual in what we consider the 8 F’s: Faith, Family, Finances, Freedom, Following, Fitness, Friends, and Fun!

Come Join LIFE Leadership!

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God Bless you,

Kirk and Nicole Porter