Attitude is Everything!

Here is a great blog from our son, Kaleb. He is almost 12 years old and recently we challenged him to read the book “Attitude is Everything.” It has been such a blessing for our family to meet and be connected to the many leaders of LIFE.

We have had the privilege to learn from Chris and Terri Brady about how to have a successful marriage, to be a better parent, and for our kids to learn truths about life and how to influence others. Wow! This is just a product of who are kids have grown to become and I am happy to share Kaleb’s growth with you! He listens and learns from a series called EDGE that is transforming kids today to think different.


Kaleb Porter

This book has been helping me with my attitude and I know now that I didn’t have a very good attitude.

Point one: Picture your success. It’s believing you can make that basket or score that touchdown, and if you put your mind to it anything can happen.

Point two: How are you?  A simple question. It’s how you tell between a good attitude, an ok attitude, and a bad attitude. Ask a person, ” how are you?” and if their response is good, great or teriffic then your with the right person. If their response is ok, same old same old, or not too bad, then their attitude is just ok. If your with the wrong person then his response will be t. g. i. f. { thank god it”s Friday } ,lousy, or I’m tired.

So stick with the people that have a good attitude and ask “how are you?”

Point three:  Stop complaining. If you hang around a complainer then you will end up doing the same thing he is doing. If he complains about too much mustard then you will complain about too little mayo.

So stay away from complainers. It’s best.

Point four: Associate with positive people. There are toxic people and nourishing people. It’s pretty obvious that you don’t want to hang around toxic people. Toxic people are dream killers and energy vampires. But if you hang around a positive person your attitude will improve.

Point five: Confront your fears and grow! One day I was at Disney World and I was terrified of roller coasters. My parents wanted all of us to ride the roller coaster, but I was scared and the whole time we were in line I was crying. But that didn’t work. My dad made me go on the ride. So when we got on the ride I was scared, but I manned up and rode it. When the ride stopped I said, “let’s do it again.” If I didn’t face my fears then I wouldn’t have learned that I love roller coasters.  So Face your fears and grow.

So I learned that with a positive attitude, a positive mind and positive people we can do anything!

God Bless,

Kaleb Porter