Two Worlds Collided

Kirk and Nicole Porter

Each person in Life has a story. We decided to share ours and help other people tell theirs as well. We have been learning leadership, life, and success principles from Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady for over 5 years. Our story is like a lot of you who are reading this but yet different. We have learned that each person has unique abilities and God-given gifts and talents that are overlooked and underdeveloped. And that is why we share our story, and why we write this blog. Our reasons exist because we know more of you are out there that just need that little boost of belief and motivation to take your life to a whole new level. And so, the story begins…..

Two worlds collided when we met. Kirk is from Michigan and I am from Texas. It was a divine circumstance that we met because we believe everything happens for a reason. We came from two totally different backgrounds. A friend, who grew up with Kirk, contacted us about changing our results in life. Kirk and I were married at 23 and found ourselves living what we thought was the American dream. After being introduced to success principles and ultimately the Life Business, everything in our world changed. Being in debt, upside down in a mortgage, financing two cars, both working jobs while trading our time for little money, and spending small portions of time with our children was not sounding so “dreamy” anymore.

Our world was woke up to a new way of thinking. Two worlds collided again when we met the founders of LIFE. We started to subscribe to the Life changing materials through CD’s, books, the concepts of entrepreneurship, and plugging into the TEAM, a community of people that were all hungry to make a difference in their own life knowing that long term it would make a difference in the world. This new information became a life-line for us. We were starving for food that would feed our hunger to succeed in life, and the Life materials of leadership development were the perfect meal full of the truths about life. It began to speak truth in the areas of faith, family, finances, freedom, fitness, following, friends, and having fun.

Work Hard!! Play Hard!!

And because of this change, we want to share it with everyone we can. We now get to enjoy the freedom of both being home with our three boys, travel to places we had never been, pay cash for cars, and most importantly help others discover life changing truths that help them to discover their God-given purpose. The relationship between Kirk and I, our children, and with others have greatly improved. The heart change that has taken place to live out the biblical truths has given us a whole new zeal for life.

We have the privilege of playing a small part in the business team of Life and mentoring with one of the founders, Chris and Terri Brady. We are humbled to learn from them and the other Life members that paved the way for us and so many others that will “take the road less traveled on.” We are humbled to share the stage with so many great leaders by speaking at seminars where we teach on leadership, systematic success, and life changing principles. This blog is here for you to learn and grow with us. We have not arrived and only humbly share our heart about what we have learned from some of the great leaders of our time. Please feel free to share content with others and leave comments and feedback. Leadership is a life long journey and we have chosen the path and are passionate about coaching others along the way to the Life they have always wanted!!

God Bless, Kirk and Nicole Porter

8 thoughts on “Two Worlds Collided

  1. Stasha Pierce (TEAM SPARTACUS) says:

    My name is Stasha. I’m 20 years old and i just recently joined LIFE :D… This is the most remarkable company ive ever had the joy of being associated with. Not only have i learned so much in the short amount of time ive been involved i have the honor or reading some amazing book and listening to Phenomenal speakers. I am truly blessed to have Kirk and Nicole Porter as my “uplines” if they weren’t there i would constantly be lost. Nicole is always there if i have any questions. If you are having Doubts about enrolling, talk to me or any other new life member we will more than glad to talk with you and let you know how we got to where we are.

  2. You two are simply awesome! So proud to know and follow two humble servants to the top.
    Amazing writing, creative symbolism. This is not just a blog. It’s an event!

  3. michael stithem says:

    This is an awesome story. I find it almost too hard to believe and I say that only because this story has added change to my life in a good way. I’ve always thought change meant adding stress to my life. I am finding through the love and support of people in the Life business that isn’t true. Kirk and Nicole have shared more than a business to my family and myself. I could write all day about the better father I am striving to become or the fact that I’m in my 20’s and being mentored on how to become debt free. These things may seem small, but through the life system I have a way to improve my life. I can’t change those around me, but I can change myself to become what I want. This is only the beginning and can’t wait to see what happens with my life.
    Michael Stithem

  4. Kyle Combes says:

    Awesome story, You guys are great leaders. I can’t wait to see you guys out here in a couple days. You two demonstrate true servent-leadership by flying to all these different cities, wanting to help your fellow Teammates succeed. Ashlyn and I love hearing you guys teach and are inspired by your story to go write our own. Fight The Good Fight! Never Back Down! God Bless,
    Kyle Combes

  5. Edison sosa says:

    i have been part of the team and the life changing info orrin,Chris and the rest of the life leadership has giving me,specialy this amazing coupe! there influence reaches long and wide…

  6. dpierce76028 says:

    I excited and ready to be able to focus on LIFE more. I am ready to start setting fires under people and set goals and shoot for the stars. I feel like a sleeping giant right now, but look out because the giant is bout to come to LIFE. Kirk and Nicole are awsome leaders and mentors. They have taught the rest of my upline a great deal and I am looking forward working with them with new member sing ups . Delbert Pierce

  7. Jeremy Arena says:

    Thank you for sharing a part of your story with us, it is always exciting to see where people have come from and where they have gone. I have been around this business for some time now, and I know that you guys have had to work extremely hard to get where you are, which only makes me feel more honored to have you guys as my leaders! I can’t wait to see where you are going to be leading us in the LIFE business and I am blessed to be a part of your team. Thanks for all that you do Kirk and Nicole!
    Jeremy Arena

  8. Adrian and Jacie De Leon says:

    I was hopeless at a dead end job with no future. It is a demoralizing thought to know your life is controlled by a boss when you know in your heart you are meant for more. Kirk and Nicole came into our lives at exactly the right time. I was laid off when they showed us the Team system. I was at the end of my rope. They gave us hope and a better future through over coming their own struggles and winning their battles. They follow amazing people in leadership and pay it forward by setting an example for us to follow. My life is forever changed. God is using Kirk and Nicole through the Team system to change thousands of lives,

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